How to cook real italian pizza: margherita

How to cook real italian pizza: margherita

Take all you need.

What you need: Tomato sauce - Olive OIL -Oregano - Salt - Black pepper. Feel with Your soul and your taste the quantity.

First of all tomato sauce. Better not so liquid. Don't use plastic, iron or sylicon boule.

Olive OIL.



Little bit of black pepper.

Turn all with a wood spoon. The wood spoon must be washed just with Hot water.

Turn it.

Turn all For 2 minutes.

Taste it. If you like it and you can feel the sweet and the salt sides that's ok.

Put it on Your pizza.

Every part must be Red.

Don't forget the frames.

Put it in hot Oven. 250^ celsius.

Put pizza in the Middle. If you can't change every 10 minutes.

After 30 minutes put mozzarella. Check the pizza button. If is blonde is ok.

When pizza has this look is ready!

Look the corners!

This timing is perfect For a lot of home Made kind of pizza.

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