How to make protein pudding

How to make protein pudding

200 millilitres of fresh milk Note: I prefer full milk but you can use semi skimmed or fully skimmed. I have tried it with fully skimmed and it does not taste as good as the full milk.

200 millilitres of full fat chocolate milk.( semi skimmed work as well.)

1 serving of toasted oats (40 g) Note: Apple and Cinnamon crunch is used here as the protein powder I'm using is cinnamon flavoured too.

1 serving of Dymatize Elite Casein ( cinnamon bun flavoured.) Note: trust me, it's good.

First, prepare an empty bowl and a fork (or spoon) to mix the pudding.

Pour 200ml of milk in the bowl.

Pour 200ml of chocolate milk.

Add one serving of the protein powder.

Now, get ready to mix it.

That's how it should look if you have mixed it thoroughly. No lumps and it will be a thick mix.

Now, put it in the fridge(not freezer) for 20 minutes. Note: casein is used instead of whey protein as it gets thicker when you leave it in the fridge. Whey doesn't.

Take it out of the fridge and add a serving of toasted oats on it to add the crunchiness. Voila, you have the best cinnamon chocolate flavoured protein pudding :) now, enjoy!

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